Here at South Coast Jet Washing, we recently got called out by a secondary school to jet wash their outside communal area. moss had built up on it over the course of the past couple years. Before they even called us they had researched us and looked up references to make sure we can do the job to an exceptional standard. South Coast Jet Washing of course aimed to deliver just that!
Jet Washing South Coast

Firstly we had to set up equipment in various areas of the school as it was a big job which required 3 of our highly trained operators. This decking had taken all kinds of weather elements for the past 5 years and had built up a substantial amount of dirt and grease. However jet washing will eliminate all of this and is the right equipment for the job. However the right nozzle must be used to prevent damage to the soft wood.

We started by jet washing down the soft pine wood communal areas to remove all the built up green moss and dirt. Extra care was taken by our highly trained professionals to avoid damaging the wood of the decking by using the right nozzle and applying the right amount of water.

After this our operators continued to jet was the bins to remove all the build up dirt and grease. To finish it all up we then proceeded to jet wash all the benches of the school communal area. The outcome of our jet washing is that of a higher standard than our competitors.

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