Gutter Cleaning / Vacuum

Gutter Cleaning / Vacuum

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We don’t need scaffolding, ladders or cherry pickers for gutter cleaning. We can do it quickly and easily using our ground based powerful vacuum and super light carbon fibre poles which can clear the gutters of up to three and four story homes. This means we can reach over garages, extensions, walls, fences, conservatories and outbuildings without risk to your roof, churning up your lawn or flower beds.

There is very little mess, as all the gutter grime is sucked up the vacuum, not washed out with water or scooped out by hand. It’s safe and effective. Even if you have grass, moss or ferns growing from your guttering, we haven’t failed yet. You may be surprised what’s growing up there.

Gutters clogged with leaves, debris, nests or even dead animals can present a hidden flooding risk in the event of heavy rain or storms. With nowhere else to go, water trapped in clogged gutters can overflow into your eaves and ceiling cavities, onto your verandas and terraces, or into your downstairs rooms, costing you thousands of pounds in repair bills.

In fact, water entering homes and buildings from blocked gutters is a leading reason for insurance claims.

Insurance companies recommend that you get your gutters cleaned at least once a year. The best time to do this is at the beginning of winter, after the autumn leaves have fallen and before the really bad weather kicks in. This will reduce your chances of experiencing blocked guttering later on in the year, and gives you plenty of time to book in those vital gutter repairs before it gets too wet and windy.