Our Jet Washing Process In Bournemouth

With many years of cleaning, steam cleaning and jet washing experience that we have gathered over the years, we found that is very important to analyse the job thoroughly before you start the work.

So our process is, after turning up at the job, i.e, it be patio work, roof tiles, decking, walls, driveways, we look at the job and decide what chemicals are required, if any, where the excess water will drain too, if there is any damage that can be caused with the high pressure washers, and if it should be a cold or warm washing process.

When our thorough annalistic study is taken out, that we know we are prepared for any eventuality on the job and cover ourselves from doing any damage to our work. This will give all our customers the satisfaction, that the contractor, has undertaken all necessary precautions on their job and are fully professional, to provide maximum results!

Below, are a list of jet washing services in Bournemouth we provide, undertaken while following our strict cleaning process

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