Driveway Cleaning and Sealing

Driveway Cleaning

Professional Block Paving, Decking, Patio, Jet Washing Services in Bournemouth

Driveways, including block paved driveways, can become slippery thus dangerous in the winter months, due to algae growing on the surface of driveway.  Many people can suffer from nasty falls, especially when the weather is below freezing and windy. Our fully trained pressure washing handlers are fully equipped with the most recent in driveway cleaning technology meaning there is no task we can’t handle.

Our cleaning technology is 5x more powerful than your average jet washer meaning every last particle of dirt will be removed from your driveway.

The main reason for cleaning your driveway apart from making it aesthetically pleasing is to remove all algae from it.  Creating a safer driveway, some algae can act like black ice, not being totally visible to the naked eye and only noticeable once you’ve slipped on it!

For a quick cleaning quote give us a call on 01202 70 50 40 and speak to one of our friendly jet washing operatives!

Driveway Sealing

Professional Block Paving, Decking, Patio, Jet Washing Services in Bournemouth

An extra service that can be provided when we are carrying out cleaning job on your homes driveway, is to re-seal your block paving.

What are the benefits of Re-sealing my Driveway?

  • Extends the life of your driveway
  • Provides extra protection against the growth and spread of weeds including algae
  • Protection against the UV rays reducing colour fade
  • Frost damage reduced helping your driveway to last longer

To properly apply our sealing we first recommend a block paving clean to first remove all dirt that is sitting on top of your driveway, this means that no dirt is then sealed into your driveway.

Following this we then apply our unique herbicide sanding treatment that kills all spores in which weeds grow from, along with filling all gaps that have formed over time in the current sealing, this helps to strengthen the driveway, protecting it vastly against frost damage.

The final touch to our re-sealing process is to apply our weather sealant which is where a few of the main benefits come such as, protecting against the penetration of dirt and oils, helps to prevent the newly fitted sealants from deteriorating, helps to prevent weeds and can even enhance the colour of your driveway giving it that fresh new look it once had!